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Lawn and Ornamental Services

Pest Pro 365 not only offers General Household pest control but also Lawn and Ornamental as well. If you want your lawn to be the best on your block or if your lawn is suffering from weeds, fleas/ticks, mole crickets, army worms, chinch bugs, fungus, dollarweed etc. Please call Pest Pro today for a free estimate.

Our Treatments:
-Fungicides and Herbicides
-Weed Control


-White fly palm and ficus drench treatment

                          Florida Winter Lawn Diseases



*Please keep in mind that with the changing weather you must change your mowing and watering habits to ensure the proper growth of your lawn.


Dollarweed, or Pennywort, looks like little green coins. The leaves have scalloped edges and a stem that goes right to the center. Dollarweed is one of the most common weeds in Florida and loves the damp areas in your yard. It crowds out grass and other desirable plants.

Small hop clover is a winter annual. They quickly invade thin turf areas especially where there is good soil moisture. Shade may also encourage growth.

White Clover thrives in cool, moist areas. Once sprouted, white clover becomes a cold-hardy perennial weed that quickly spreads by runners (stolons), forming dense creeping mats that can choke out grass.

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