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Pest Control FAQ

What are the most common pests that invade households and businesses?


The most common pests  that invade residential and commercial buildings are termites, rodents (usually rats and mice), ants, bees, fleas/ticks, cockroaches, spiders, weevils, and moths.


Where do all these pests come from? I keep my house or business clean.


Most pests migrate indoors when their outside environment becomes less hospitable. When the hot summer sun dries the earth or when heavy rains or cold winter conditions become threantening to their survival pests will make their way into the nearest building for shelter. In addition to seeking refuge pests tend to migrate in search of food, water, and nesting materials, which are in abundance in residential and commercial kitchens. Therefore as clean as your home or business may be, it is not entirely safe from pests in search of  a warm, well-stocked refuge.


Where do bed bugs come from?


Bed bugs are hitchhikers, which means that they were brought into your home from an outside source.  This source can be a visitor, family member, or even your pet after a visit to the vet. Additional sources of a bed bug infestation are purchasing a used mattress or staying in a hotel that has an infestation. Bed bugs are a threatening nuisance to you and your family. If you suspect you have bed bugs (from the evidence of tiny, red bites on your body)  do not delay and call Pest Pro 365 today. This is not only for your own safety and health, but that of any guest you may visit or visits you in the future.


I think I may have a pest infestation problem, but I'm not sure I can afford to pay for your services. What can I do?


Pest Pro 365 Extermination Inc offers prices that will match the price of our competitors by 10% and we will work with you according to your budget . Our pest control specialists believe that no one should have to live with the threat and stress of harboring pests of any kind in their home or business, so our pest control speacialsts will do our very best to find a way to help rid you of your pest issues without breaking the bank.


We Exterminate


Many termite species can cause a great amount of damage to unprotected buildings and other structures. Pest Pro 365 can aid in solving your termite issues. We assist in controlling Subterranean termites, Formosan termites, and Dry-wood termites. Our methods include liquid-treatments and spot-treatments. No tent necessary!! We also do WDO inspection reports.

What are the most common signs of a pest infestation?


Pests living in your home may go unnoticed at first, but will always leave evidence of their presence at some point. You can discover different clues from each specific pest, but the most common clues to look for are droppings from rats and mice, wood shavings and holes in your walls from termites, and cockroach nests in secluded areas such as behind cabinets, baseboards, and in cracks behind sinks, water heaters or door frames.

Can't I solve my pest issue on my own with generic insectisides (i.e Raid)?


 Most generic insecticies seem to control a pest infestation however most only cover the surface or temporarily supress an issue. Cockroaches are better at hiding than you are at finding them, and their eggs are naturally protected from many over-the-counter insecticides. Without special equipment, materials and know-how, cockroach control can be a losing battle.

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